Every time I pick up a camera I marvel at the phenomenon that I hold in my hand.

Consider, that in some way, photography touches everyone on this planet. Since inception, photographs have captured the most memorable moments in history.

The best and the worst of Man and Mother Nature have been persevered for all to see. But, just as importantly, photographs catalog the lives of everyday people.

Like most, I’ve always had a camera of some sort, but it’s actually only been since 2010 that I began to pursue photography as a form of art.  Almost always accompanied by my best friend and trusty assistant, Brody, we experiment with the art of photography across a broad range of disciplines with a goal to present the everyday things we see in an interesting and compelling light.

With effort, competencies grow and skills develop, but without question, the photographs I most cherish … Those that emit the greatest emotion, are the simple snapshots of loved ones and the common events in my life. I imagine this is true for most people. It’s why the Brownie cameras existed along with the Large Format Camera. It’s why cell phone cameras exist along with digital SLRs.

Learning photography as an expression of art, will be a life long pursuit. Seeing light that emotes feeling or recognizing a scene that appeals to the senses or creating a composition that leads the eye through a visual path are what I will endeavor to share.

But, what I doubt you’ll ever see, are the most important photographs I take. After all, they’re just snapshots.